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Become The Known Expert in Your FieldBecome The Known Expert in Your FieldBecome The Known Expert in Your FieldBecome The Known Expert in Your Field

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Building Authority & Credibility


Brand Integrity is everything. It encompasses who are you, what you know, and why you're in business. We help you clarify your true value, refine your key message points, then we take you out to the world, sharing your message on platforms that elevate your visibility, credibility and the impact of your results.

Network Engagement


Everyone has a network: it's the people you work with, the people who buy from you, the people who follow you, write to you, read about you and the solutions you provide. We engage and grow this network to give you and your brand(s) greater footprint across the web, your community, and your industry. We make it so that when you talk, people listen. We do with using combined strategies of public relations, marketing and social media marketing. 

Media Relations


Whether you're trying to get in the media or stay out of it, we have strategies to build and protect your brand. We are experts in national, local, trade and social media. We train you to speak on point so your message is captured correctly and delivered to audiences as intended. Media is a powerful tool. Harness that tool with our strategies to become the known expert in your industry.

About Us


Knowledge & Experience

 Engagement PR & Marketing is a full-service integrated PR, Marketing and Brand-Experience agency. With more than two-and-a-half decades dedicated to growing and protecting corporate brands, we have helped companies large and small go from the best-kept-secret to the go-to resource in their industry. Our results elevate our clients' reputation and brand awareness, which can reduce marketing spend while increasing credibility and likability.


Building Great Reputations

If you're not claiming your brand, someone else is doing it for you. The danger in that can put you out of business. By engaging with each audience who cares about your brand, you learn, grow, innovate, influence, and remain top-of-mind. We keep you relevant in this day of information overload.


PR vs. Marketing vs. Brand-Experience

Public Relations is in the name: it's the relationships your company / brand has with its various publics. Whereas Marketing is traditionally focused on those who buy from you (or could potentially buy from you), PR focuses on all groups of people who engage with your brand, from employees and investors to vendors, the community, public officials, competitors, and haters (God-forbid!). Engagement PR & Marketing takes a 360-degree review of your brand and how people feel about it. Then we work with you to enhance the brand-experience each audience has with you, so you become known and loved for what you do best. 

Companies We've Served

  • Advanced Dermasurgery Associates
  • American Cancer Society
  • Amgen
  • Ankenbrandt Group, The
  • Aprenda Systems
  • Arizona Oncology
  • Blue Ridge Cancer Care
  • Compass Oncology
  • Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada
  • Daichii Sankyo
  • Dallas Associated Dermatologists
  • Deloitte
  • Dermatology Associates of Uptown
  • Florida Cancer Specialists
  • Howsden Dermatology
  • Illinois Cancer Specialists
  • Legacy Heart Care
  • Lender Home
  • McKesson Specialty Health, McKesson Corporation
  • Minnesota Oncology
  • New York Oncology Hematology
  • Pacific Power Reps
  • Platinum Dermatology Partners
  • Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
  • Texas Cancer Care Specialists
  • Texas Oncology
  • US Anesthesia Partners
  • US Oncology Network, The
  • US Oncology Research
  • University of Kansas Cancer Center
  • Virginia Cancer Specialists
  • Westview Vocational Services
  • Willamette Valley Cancer Institute & Research Center
  • Wilshire Oncology

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